Tulip-HFT A cryptocurrency trading bot that actually works
Tulip-HFT is a piece of software that is built to automatically trade cryptocurrency on various exchanges. The software exists out of a trading bot (a command line application) with a configuration file that can be created and managed and modified easily with our GUI. For instance, the lightweight bot can be run on your headless Linux server while you'll manage it from your desktop. This ensures perfect isolation, ease of use and performance.

Low maintenance

The software only needs a one time configuration from which it can be run completely headless (no user interface needed). Profit can be monitored with external opensource tools.

Our own technology

Our algorithms are completely custom built. We spend a lot of time and effort to research better trading algorithms.

Proven to work

We have been developing and testing our own algorithms for over a year with good results. We initially started with the minimum order quantity on Cryptsy (0.1 LTC) in December 2013. That figure grew to 80 BTC in March 2016 (supportive data is available on request).

No nonsense

Our user interface is simple and does not have 20 sliders and check boxes that need constant babysitting.


We do not send your API keys to our servers.

Supported exchanges

Bitfinex, BTCChina, BTCE, Bter, CEX.IO, Coincheck, Hitbtc, ItBit, Kraken, Okcoin, Poloniex
Support for all combinations of currencies and cryptocurrencies.

Supported platforms

  • Windows
  • Linux (Debian, Ubuntu)
  • Raspberry Pi upon request

Is this for you?

This is for you if:

  • you have too many bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies on the shelf.
  • you are into cryptocurrencies for the long run
  • you understand the risks of cryptocurrencies and exchanges.


Stefan Dessens

Code Magician

Stefan has a Bachelor degree in Computer Science. He started programming on a graphics calculator in Assembly, because BASIC was too slow. Always working on complex software such as graphics engines, physics simulations, programming contests such as Kaggle and recently Churchil Challenge (3rd). He also created the initial Cryptsy trading script, which was the foundation for this company.

Jasper van Gelder

Business Magician

Jasper has a passion for bringing IT technology into business. With a current degree in Computer Science, he is currently doing his Master ICT in Business at Leiden University. During his employment in several high tech innovative IT companies, he saw a growing need of filling the gap between business problems and IT solutions.

How we started

In 2013, Stefan wanted to try out Bitcoin mining and ordered a graphics card to do so. While waiting for his card, Stefan developed a script to trade on Cryptsy which was working so well, that when the card came in it was barely breaking even but the script already made 1 BTC in a few weeks. At this point, Stefan felt this script was worth improving and got into contact with Jasper. From that moment on we, started to develop an optimized program written in C++ instead of a Python script. This was very successful - we passed the 20 BTC mark in late April. In May, however, we saw a decline in our profits, so we started to develop a new algorithm and revamped the whole software structure. After a lot of work this started to pay off and the profits started to go up again.

We have discussed several times whether or not to start selling our software. In October 2014, we finally decided to sell, but we both agreed that we had to do something about the user experience. At that point the program was still running from a config file, which had attained an increasingly complex structure. To solve this we started to develop a GUI which would generate the config file automatically. About 2 months later we put our GUI to the test and asked some of our friends if they wanted to try our program. This led to long sessions of feedback on how to improve our software. This process is still ongoing and most likely will never end because their always is something to improve or a new feature to add!


Tulip High Frequency Trading (Tulip-HFT) is a Registered Dutch company that sells Algorithmic Trading software designed for the cryptocurrency market.


Single High volume User

  • 5 Bitcoin incl. 21% VAT (taxes may differ depending on your country).
  • Lifetime user license.
  • 6 Months of updates (features/bug fixes etc).
  • Unlimited amount of bots / unlimited amount of funds.